Network Security - SBS Gatekeeper

The complete solution for all of your network security needs, out-of-the-box

Stop Internet Threats

SBS Network Support offers a single inexpensive service to stop internet threats before they ever reach your network. With a single device we can prevent spam, intrusion attacks, viruses and other malware.

Control Internet Access

By limiting what your employees can access on the internet you can simultaneously improve production while decreasing your risk of infection. The SBS Gatekeeper can limit internet access based on categories like pornography, gambling, hate and aggression, etc. We design the filters according to your requirements so you can rest assured that your employees aren't abusing their internet privileges.

Reports on Internet Activity

You will receive an easy-to-read, graphical report via email on all internet activity once a week. You will know instantly how many emails each user received, how many spam emails were blocked, who your top internet users were and where they are spending their time, and detailed information on any attempted attacks on your network.

Free 30 day trial

We are so certain that you will be completely satisfied with the SBS Gatekeeper, we will install one free of charge for 30 days. Once you see how many times a week your network is being attacked, you will not want to be without it on your network.

After the 30 day trial, we will begin monthly billing cycle for use of the device. This fee covers all maintenance, daily updates and a free replacement warranty. You can bundle our device with a complete "Managed IT Services" agreement for an additional discount.

SBS Gatekeeper Pricing
Tier level Number of users Monthly cost
Tier 1 1 to 10 $150.00
Tier 2 11 to 50 $200.00
Tier 3 51 to 150 $400.00
Tier 4 150+ $600.00